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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spring Break Nation Video-Hottest Girls on Spring Break

Check out one of our newest Spring Break Videos of the Hottest Girls on Spring Break



Beauties and the beach! Wild, crazy and uninhibited, it's the rite of passage for almost every college student. Year after year they stow away the books, grab the sun screen, beer and little else and head off to the beaches, resorts and sea-side cities all over the U.S.

It's Spring Break baby, and we bring it to you year 'round. Spring Break Nation lets you share your Spring Break experience or live one vicariously through the members of our community. Tan bodies, Wet T Shirts, muscle boys, drunken stupors and anything & everything spring break is accounted for.

Want sex on the beach? You can have it, watch it or drink it at Spring Break Nation. Join for free and upload your wildest spring break pics and videos - tap out a blog and tell the world (anonymously of course) about your wild ass ride and leave no detail to the imagination. It's the most fun you can have without leaving your dorm room!

Need help booking your Spring Break, don’t worry. We have an interactive forum and blog that lets members share ideas, deals and advice to guarantee that you have the best Spring Break Ever.