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Monday, August 31, 2009

Spring Break Survival Guide

Its that time of year that high school and college students look forward to all year….Spring Break. Spring Break means fun in the sun with all your buddies. However, its all fun and games until something bad happens. Read this article to ensure that you have the fun you deserve with out the worries of something bad happening.

I would like to encourage making safe and healthy choices during your spring break. The vast majority of students will go away to spring break; they will have fun and return home safely, but a each year numerous students will fall victim to alcohol poisoning, date rate, assault, robbery, and even murder. Studies suggest that nearly all cases involve drug or alcohol abuse. The sad part is that most of those cases could have been prevented by following a few basic common rules to ensure safety.

Survival Tip #1 Buddy System

The buddy system means power in numbers. It’s a great system when you are in a new city our even county. You don’t know the area and if it is safe or not. Spring breakers and tourist are often targets for local troublemakers to take advantage of, especially since most college students feel invincible(especially after drinking). Make sure to stay with a group or a buddy at all times and most important, no one is to go anywhere by themselves.

Survival Tip #2 Monitor your Drinking

Its Spring Break and only natural to expect to drink and party like its going out of style. With that said, don’t binge drink it’s not cool and can kill you. Alcohol poisoning is real and can make you extremely sick. The last thing you want to do after spending all your money on Spring Break is to end up in the hospital and miss out on all the fun. Again, the buddy system comes into play. You and your friends know each other and what you can handle. Keep and eye out for each other and if you see someone that has passed their limit get them back to the hotel safely. Its important to make sure they don’t pass out and lay them on there stomach. If your friend is really bad get professional help, don’t fool around.

Survival Tip #3 Date rape – Watch your Drinks
Unfortunately ladies need to be much more away of there surroundings when partying at Spring Break. Its unfortunate but there are men just waiting for you to leave your drink unattended to slip a date rape drug in it. Date rape drugs are odorless and often colorless and tasteless, they can get slipped into drinks easily and go unnoticed. This being said, at parties and clubs, never leave your beverage unattended, and never take drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) from strangers.

Survival Tip #4 Keep an eye on the sun
A day at the beach with blue skies, sun shining and no worries sounds good right? That is unless you get a severe sun burn, dehydration or heat stroke(which can all happen very quickly). In order to have a good time at the beach make sure to apply sunscreen(often), drink plenty of water(not alcohol) and eat food.

Survival Tip # 5 Hotel Safe

The first thing you should so when you arrive at your hotel is ask about a safe. Most hotels either offer a safe in your room or safe deposit box upon request. Place your passport, airline tickets, money, credit cards, jewelry, etc in the safe. If you value it don’t leave it behind in the hotel.

Survival Tip # 6 Hooking up

Again, its Spring Break and only natural to expect that there will be lots of “hooking up” going on. If you plan on hooking up make sure to buy and use condoms. The last thing you want to worry about on Spring Break is getting or going home with and STD.
Also if you plan on hooking up with someone, especially a stranger let your friends know where you will be. This way if you don’t come home or something happens they know where to look for you.

Survival Tip #7 Protect Yourself-Basic Self Defense

It is important to know how to defend yourself should you ever the need every arise. Many colleges offer self defense classes. You can also check out local training and mixed martial arts classes(my preference). Another opting is to purchase non lethal self defense products such as pepper spray(check with your state to see if you need permit to carry).

For more advice and guides check out SpringBreakNation.Net

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